Real-Time Video Streaming Optimised for Mobile

Surge is an RTP/RTSP client library that brings IP camera streaming capabilities to millions of mobile devices.

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Simultaneous Streams

Eliminate stream switching by rendering many simultaneous real-time feeds to users. Designed to perform on mobile devices Surge can render 9+ concurrent feeds on modern mobile devices.

Hardware Decoding

Utilises hardware decoders via platform specific APIs on Android and iOS to decode real-time streams, enhancing throughput and performance whilst minimising battery drain.

Cross Platform

Support millions of devices with a single library by utilising Surge's platform specific APIs for the most popular mobile platforms, including Android, iOS and Xamarin.

Simple API

Abstracts the complexity of video streaming protocols and encodings behind simple playback APIs with bindings for all popular mobile platforms including Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C and Swift) and Xamarin (C#).

Reactive Design

By adhering to the principles of Reactive Programming Surge offers unparalleled performance and throughput when processing real time video streams.

Friendly Licensing

Licensed to suit your needs. Unlike other streaming libraries Surge can offer App-Store compatible licensing agreements (non-GPL/LGPL).

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