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.NET (C#) For Experienced Developers
Build a solid foundation in the C# programming language and .NET platform.
3 Days Intermediate
.NET (C#) for Experienced Java Developers
A fast paced conversion course for Java developers migrating to the .NET stack.
4 Days Advanced
.NET Core for Web Services
Learn to build web services with .NET Core, the future of .NET.
3 Days Intermediate
Learn to Create Web Applications in .NET
2 Days Intermediate
Advanced C++
Effective programming in C++ for intermediate to advanced programmers
2-4 Days Intermediate
Agile Development in Java
Agile development in Java (with Kevlin Henney)
3 Days Intermediate
Angular 2
Learn how to build stunning Single Page Web Applications (SPA) using the Angular 2 framework.
3 Days Advanced
Learn how to build and test Single Page Web Applications (SPA) using the AngularJS framework.
4 Days Intermediate
Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime
Learn what it takes to architect enterprise applications so that they can be delivered continuously
2 Days Intermediate
Beginning Android Development
Fast Track introduction to Android application development.
3-4 Days Intermediate
Beginning iOS Development
A hands-on introduction to iOS development with Swift.
4 Days Intermediate
Building Cloud Native Microservices
Build a fully functional e-commerce site, using microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, Weave Net and Scope
3 Days Intermediate
Dan North's Accelerated Agile
Develop software faster with Dan North, agile agitator and renowned coach
2 Days Intermediate
Design Patterns in .NET
Learn the most important design patterns using C# and .NET.
3 Days Intermediate
Design Patterns in JavaScript
Learn to leverage patterns to improve your JavaScript code.
3 Days Intermediate
Docker Fundamentals
Practical introduction to containers and Docker
2 Days Beginner
Engineering Best Practices
Learn and explore the techniques and disciplines that underpin the development of great software.
2 Days Beginner/Intermediate
Fast Track to Akka with Java
A three-day introduction to the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime and the methodologies that enable the creation of real-world actor-based systems in Java on a single JVM
3 Days Intermediate
Fast Track to Scala
A fastrack 2-day course designed to give experienced developers the know-how to confidently start programming in Scala
2 Days Intermediate
Hacking on the Dark Side
A fast-track introduction into hacker tradecraft, the tools and techniques at their disposal, and how you can better protect your software from their attacks
2 Days Intermediate
High Performance Java Persistence
Deep dive Java persistence for intermediate to advanced programmers
1-3 Days Intermediate
Internet Security
Learn how to protect your web application from vulnerability and common attacks
2-3 Days Intermediate
Introduction to Ansible
Manage suites of machines using Ansible and gain a foundation in DevOps.
2-3 Days Beginner
Introduction to Git
Learn the foundations of distributed version control and Git
1 Day Beginner
Introduction to Gradle
Learn how to better manage and build your projects using Gradle.
2 Days Beginner
Introduction to HTML5
Learn how to maximise your user experience using the very latest HTML5 features
2 Days Beginner
Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
An introduction to the standards and technologies behind Service-Oriented Architectures
1 Day Intermediate
Java 8 Update
Understand the full range of features arriving in Java 8 and learn how to start using them immediately
2 Days Intermediate
Java Fundamentals
A comprehensive introduction to programming in Java
3-5 Days Beginner
Java Masterclass
Unlocking the secrets of the Java master programmer
2-4 Days Intermediate
Java Performance
Distilled approaches and techniques for improving performance
3 Days Intermediate
Java for Experienced .NET Developers
Fast track conversion course for experienced .NET developers moving to Java
4-5 Days Intermediate
Java for Experienced Developers
Accelerated conversion course for experienced developers moving to Java
3-5 Days Intermediate
JavaScript Development With DOJO
Learn how to enhance your web application using DOJO
3 Days Intermediate
JavaScript Fundamentals
An intensive 4-day introduction to front-end JavaScript development
3-5 Days Intermediate
JavaScript Programming with AJAX and JQuery
Learn how to create rich user experiences with JavaScript, AJAX and JQuery
3 Days Beginner
JavaScript in the Wild
An accelerated learning programme that shares the “secret sauce” of successfully using JavaScript in the wild.
2 Days Intermediate
Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML
A thorough grounding in traditional and modern approaches to OOAD
3 Days Intermediate
Pattern Based Software Development in Java
Understanding design patterns in context, with Kevlin Henney, a hugely respected trainer and speaker across the industry
3 Days Intermediate
Performance Testing and Tuning Java Applications
Learn how to test and profile Java applications right down to the hardware level
3 Days Intermediate



3 Days

Perl Programming
Learn the fundamentals of Perl programming
3 Days Beginner
PowerShell for Developers
Learn to leverage the scripting capabilities of Powershell and become a real power user.
1 Day Advanced
Programming in C
A comprehensive introduction to programming in C
4 Days Beginner
Programming in C++
An intensive 4-5 day introduction to programming in C++
4-5 Days Intermediate
Python Programming
A complete introduction to the Python Programming language
3 Days Intermediate
Python Programming for QA Automation
Learn how to write automated QA tests using Python.
2-4 Days Beginner
React and Redux
A great introduction into the ReactJS framework.
3 Days advanced
Reactive and Asynchronous Java
Learn how to apply the latest concurrency techniques to develop state of the art Java applications
2 Days Intermediate

26th Feb


2 Days

Ruby Programming
A thorough introduction to Ruby and JRuby for experienced programmers
3 Days Intermediate
SQL Masterclass
Maximise your SQL performance with the creator of jOOQ, Lukas Eder
2 Days Advanced
Scala Programming for Java Developers
A high-speed and in-depth introduction to Scala for experienced Java developers
3 Days Intermediate
Software Engineering for Business Professionals
A 1-day introduction to software development for busy non-techies
1 Day Intermediate
Spring Framework Fundamentals
A fast track introduction to the Spring Framework
2-4 Days Intermediate
Spring MVC in Depth
Deep-drive into web application development with Spring MVC
3 Days Intermediate
Test Driven Development
Learn the many virtues of writing tests early and often
2-3 Days Intermediate
Transforming XML with XPATH, XSLT and XQuery
An in-depth guide to programming with XSLT and XQuery
3 Days Intermediate
TypeScript Fundamentals
Learn the benefits of TypeScript, a typesafe superset of JavaScript.
2 Days Intermediate
Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
Learn the essentials of Unix/Linux shell scripting
2 Days Intermediate
Writing Concurrent Code With Lock Free Algorithms
A deep dive into the world of high performance with Martin Thompson, world authority on concurrent programming
3 Days Advanced

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Excellent course, I learnt a huge amount. The course was delivered fantastically and really enjoyed the clear and detailed explanation of difficult concepts.