Beginning iOS Development

Fast Track introduction to iOS development.


A 5 day course aimed at intermediate to advanced developers with previous experience using an object oriented programming language.


The Objective-C Programming Language

  • A Brief History
  • The C Programming Language
  • Method Syntax
  • Classes
  • Protocols
  • Properties
  • Memory Management
  • ARC (Automatic Reference Counting)
  • Blocks
  • Categories
  • Core Foundation Classes
  • Unit Testing With SenTest / OCMock

An Introduction to XCode

  • XCode Project Templates
  • Configuring XCode Projects
  • Testing Apps With Simulators
  • Provisioning Apps On Device
  • Interface Builder
  • Storyboards

Building GUI Driven Applications

  • The MVC Pattern
  • View Controllers And The View Lifecycle
  • Creating Views With Interface Builder
  • Creating Views With Code
  • Core UI Elements
  • Handling UI Events
  • Handling Touch Events

Advanced GUI Driven Applications

  • Navigating View Hierarchies
  • View Controller Communication
  • Using Delegation To Bind View Controllers To Data Sources
  • Handling View Controller Events
  • Content View Controllers – UITableViewController
  • Creating Your Own Content View Controllers
  • Container View Controllers – UINavigationController, UITabBarController and UISplitViewController
  • Creating Your Own Container View Controllers

Interacting With APIs

  • NSURLConnection – Talking HTTP The Apple Way
  • AFNetworking – An Alternative Approach To HTTP
  • Communicating With A REST API
  • Data Mapping With JSON

Data Storage

  • Storing Application Data Using Core Data
  • Storing Application Data Using SQLite
  • Saving User Preferences
  • Secure Storage Using The Device Keychain
  • Sharing Data Across Applications

Testing Techniques

  • Advanced Unit Testing Using Sentest and OCMock
  • Functional Testing Using KIF
  • Strategies For Writing Testable MVC Code

Enriching The User Experience

  • Obtaining The User’s Location
  • Interacting With The Accelerometer
  • Complex Touch Handling With Gestures
  • Playing Audio And Video
  • Accessing The Address Book
  • Displaying Maps


  • Delegates should have a minimum of 1 years development experience in an Object-Oriented programming language
  • A basic familiarity with modern web protocols including HTTP and REST are also recommended
  • All students MUST have access to an OSX development machine running XCode 4.5+

Course Details

4-5 Days
UK / Ireland / Worldwide
On Request
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Superb course. Trainer was exceptionally knowledgeable and managed to make even the boring bits interesting.