Introduction to R

  • 1 Day
  • Beginner
  • Virtual | Classroom
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This is an intensive course for developers interested in R

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Your team will learn...

Getting started with R

Importing data from Excel, SAS and CSV

Creating graphics with R

Summarising complex data sets using the tidyverse


This is a one day intensive course on R. The course is a mixture of lectures and computer practicals. The main focus will be to introduce fundamental R concepts. No prior programming knowledge of any kind is assumed. This course is suitable for a wide range of applicants e.g., biologists, statisticians, engineers, students.


  • Introduction to R: A brief overview of the background and features of the R statistical programming system.
  • Data entry: A description of how to import and export data from R.
  • Data types: A summary of R's data types.
  • R environment: A description of the R environment including the R working directory, creating/using scripts, saving data and results.
  • R graphics: Creating, editing and storing graphics in R.
  • Summary statistics: Measures of location and spread.
  • Manipulating data in R: Describing how data can be manipulated in R using logical operators.
  • Vector operations: details of R's vectors operations.

About the Trainer

Dr Colin Gillespie is a Senior statistics lecturer at Newcastle University and a consultant with Jumping Rivers. He has been using R since 1999 and teaching R programming for the last ten years. Colin has authored a number of R packages, regularly answers R questions on stackoverflow and recently published the book Efficient R Programming with O'Reilly.

Ryan Adams

Used to make software for learning as a developer, now helping software makers learn.

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Andrew Paul

Was a teacher, then a lecturer and now a trainer at Instil. Has been completed the circle.

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Clear explanations; combination of theory and practice is excellent.

Good pace, good split of practical and lecture.

Excellent introduction to R!

Almost one to one! Great teaching, good lectures.

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