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A one-day bootcamp into the world of Product Management and why its critical to building awesome products that people love.

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What your team will learn

The importance of Product Management and the Product role

Framing techniques to de-risk the product and create a strategy

The process of Product creation, from Discovery to Release

Iterative delivery to enable learning through short feedback cycles


Product Management is the process of identifying a user problem or opportunity that can be addressed in a feasible, viable and desirable manner. It is an area of increasing importance as expectations of digital product and software rise, functionality is no longer the key success factor. 80% of digital products fail. Product Management gives a mindset and tool box to maximise your chances of success.

This course will provide an overview of Product Management as an end-to-end process. We will see both how Product Management sits within your business, and how it can be integrated with Agile Software Teams. Our goal is not only to give an insight into this discipline, but to inspire the problem focused mindset that it embodies.

This participative workshop mixes presentation and hands-on exercises to ensure attendees get a chance to use and appreciate tools and techniques behind product management tradecraft.


  • Suitable for anyone who wants to have an understanding of the role, its value to a company, and the processes around Product Management.

  • Those doing the role and new to it, working within a product team, alongside one, or managing one.


What is Product Management?

  • What is a product?
  • Where does Product Management 'live' in a company?
  • What are the essentials of the Product Manager role?
  • The benefits of a balanced team
  • Understanding the Product Development life cycle

Vision and Goal Setting

  • Understanding the importance of setting your North Star vision
  • Creating alignment through goal setting
  • Making goals useful by setting measures and targets
  • Framing your product to de-risk it, and create your product strategy

Discovery and Framing

  • Using discovery to understand and define your user and problem
  • Using ideation and validation techniques to be confident in your solution
  • Defining the Minimum Viable Product and what you want to learn from it
  • How to determine if product/market fit has been achieved


  • What is Agile? How does this all differ from traditional Waterfall Project Management?
  • Turning discovery and framing outputs into a roadmap through Journey Mapping
  • Moving from a roadmap to a build plan using themes, Epics, and User Stories
  • Understanding what success will look like
  • How to write a good User Story and acceptance criteria


This workshop is suitable for anyone who wants insights into the Product Management role, and how to confidently design and build a successful product. It is especially well suited for those soon to be working within, or alongside, a product team. This includes Managers, Developers, Analysts, Testers and Product Owners.

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