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Introduction to Git

  • 1 Day
  • Beginner
  • Virtual | Classroom
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Learn the foundations of distributed version control and Git

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Git is a Distributed Version Control System and is arguably the most popular and important VCS within our industry today. However, many people still find it daunting. This is especially true when moving from centralised version control systems such as Subversion (SVN). In this fast paced course delegates are introduced to the most important parts of Git while all along the way getting exposed to what is really happening under the hood. This reinforces an understnading that removes the cloud of fear that is sometimes associated with Git. This is a great standalone course or can be bolted onto another delivery.


Introduction to Git

  • The history of Git and Distributed Version Control
  • Git structure - files, branches and tags
  • Creating and checking out repositories
  • Viewing, staging, reverting and committing changes
  • Formating and parsing logs
  • Working with Remote Repositories
  • Push and Pull

Advanced Git

  • Merging and Rebasing
  • Simplifying commands with aliases
  • Rewriting history
  • Configuring diff and merge tools
  • Understanding the DAG
  • Using SourceTree to control Git



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