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Performa Sports

Performa Sports is an iPad application for real-time and post-game performance analysis used by coaches and associated sports individuals. It helps users see and understand the bigger picture of team and individual performances


Historically, a manually driven process was used to sync the iOS application with the Performa Sports remote database in the cloud. Instil was hired to develop a solution that would automate this process, providing a bespoke Dropbox-like solution.

Furthermore, a less flexible, single-video interface for video analysis was in need of modernisation through improvements such as onscreen video annotations, variable playback speed, zooming, multi-video support and playlisting.

Performa Sports App


Instil augmented the existing application’s interface with bespoke video controls enabling users to edit and annotate video analysis instantly. Allowing coaches to annotate video with text or shapes from a ranging palette alongside variable playback speed and a multi-angle video stack, enables the game to be analysed from a broader perspective.

The development of a bespoke syncing solution, enables the real-time statistical analysis to be synced between devices and users across the network. The app can work both online and offline, ensuring seamless syncing of data to the secure Performa cloud-based account securely, without loss or duplication.

Performa Sports App

All analysis and key information can be easily shared with colleagues and players alike through the use of data exporting features in various common formats, including video compositions of playlists built by users themselves.

Future developments

  • Continue to increase efficiency of statistical analysis in the app
  • Further unification of video analysis tools within the app
  • Support for more sports
  • Increase video analysis tools palette to including finegrain timers
  • Explore and identify better ways of communicating statistical data to key users
  • Develop an individual player portal to enable players to devise own personal goals and view personal performance statistics
Technologies Used

iOS, Objective-C, Video Streaming, Video Editing & Manipulation

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