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Do you need to train a group of people, large or small? Then let our experts come to you and deliver on-site at your premises or even here at Instil HQ

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Private classroom training is ideal for groups of developers, large and small, working on the same technology stack or project. It represents great value on many fronts and is incredibly easy to organise and deliver.


Have specific needs? We are happy to customise private courses to help bootstrap your development team faster.


Only certain dates will do? Let us deliver when you need the training most, just in time - no sooner or later.


Cannot come to us? Then let our experts come to you to help minimise disruption and travel costs.

Fixed Price

Not sure of the class size? Not to worry, we charge a fixed, per-diem price for the first 12 attendees.

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Brilliant course, very well delivered. Instructor was really enthusiastic and set a manageable pace. Materials were very instructive, examples and exercises were informative. Plus some great book recommendations!