The Training FAQs

Do you provide corporate/private training for my team?

Yes, the majority of our training is delivered privately to corporate clients, virtually, on-site or here at Instil HQ.

I am new to programming, do you provide beginner's courses for individuals?

No. Although we provide fast-paced, beginner's courses for corporate clients, our B2B pricing model doesn't really make sense for individuals. If you are enquiring as an individual, have a look at online learning as a viable (and often free) alternative.

How much do you charge for private classroom training?

We charge a fixed price per instructor day which covers the first 12 attendees. The price will vary by region and by course. Additional delegates are charged per person, but we feel it advisable to keep class sizes below 15 people to maximise the learning experience.

How do I book a corporate training course?

Simply email us at with the name of the course you would like to book and we'll guide you through the process. We'll kick start things with a call to capture your specific requirements from which we will create a tailored training proposal.

Do you train on-site?

Yes, we will often travel to client premises and have successfully trained teams across the globe. However, since the start of the COVID pandemic we have been training teams virtually with huge success. This will most likely remain the only way we train remote teams for the foreseeable future. Travel costs are additional and can be added to the final bill or approximated and subsumed into the overall training price provided prior to delivery. Your choice.

Do you provide public deliveries of your courses?

Yes, we organise the occasional public delivery for our most popular courses. Syncing public deliveries with multiple company and individual needs is tricky, so we only schedule once we are sure there is enough demand.

If you see a course that you would like to attend, then do let us know. If there is enough interest we will organise a public delivery. Alternatively join our mailing list so that we can inform you of upcoming courses.

Do you provide other training courses?

We list only the most popular training courses on our website. If you don't see the course you need or require a tailored version of an existing course, then please do get in touch. We would be more than happy to discuss your options.

Who delivers your training?

The majority of our training is delivered by our in-house team of full-time trainers and developers. We write and maintain our own courseware which means we can be flexible and responsive throughout your engagement.

Can I tailor a course to suit my needs?

Yes, we can tailor private courses to suit your specific requirements, although we will charge for the effort if the changes cannot be reused. There is less scope to customise public deliveries as they must meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

We would recommend flagging up customisations early (i.e. weeks or even months in advance) so that we can schedule the time for the work.

What if I need to cancel a course?

We understand that circumstances change and we will do our utmost to arrange a new date should you need to push a training date back. We simply ask for plenty of notice as our training team is usually booked out 6-8 weeks in advance. Refunds or costs incurred from cancelling a course will be subject to our cancellation policy agreed at the time of booking.

Do you provide training vouchers?

Yes, we run a training voucher scheme that allows you to apply budget towards training in advance. You then have 12 months from the date of purchase to schedule training days for your team, drawing down from the voucher. Training vouchers are non-refundable and can only be used to pay for training delivered by Instil and never from a third party.

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