Accelerated learning for engineering teams

Expert, instructor-led training that helps development teams stay ahead on the latest languages, frameworks and industry best practices. Delivered directly, virtually, globally.

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Courses For All Levels

Foundation Courses

Acquire new language or framework skills. Suitable for those with limited programming experience, mostly from academic or personal study.

Improver Workshops

For developers looking to expand their toolbelt of technique and understanding. Dive into the nuances of language and frameworks.

Advanced Courses

Targeted at experienced developers looking to be truly challenged, our specialist workshops are delivered by leaders in their field.

Fast-Track Workshops

Ideal for busy senior developers who are trying to quickly make inroads into new technologies. Very much hands-on with minimal slides and lecturing.

Conversion Courses

Designed for experienced software developers hoping to make a rapid transition to a different programming language or technology platform.

Graduate Induction

Early-career induction training for recent graduates and interns, preparing your teams for a life in software development.

Training for engineers taught by engineers

Impactful, action-oriented instruction that enables engineering teams to quickly adopt and apply the latest advancements in programming languages, frameworks and thinking.