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Belfast has a long and illustrious engineering history, from ships that powered the industrial age to software that powers the information age. Instil is part of that great tradition, giving a home to a team that powers progress through best-in-class digital products for ambitious global businesses.

However, for too long progress has come at too great a cost. We believe in progress that balances the interests of our people, our customers and the planet. It means treating our people right; empowering them to shape a culture that nurtures and inspires. Treating our clients right; taking on their challenges as our own. And treating the planet right; doing no harm and repairing where we can.

We use our values to hold ourselves to account and help drive progress. These are:

...about each other
...about our clients
...about our planet

...for kinder ways
...for smarter ways
...for better ways

...our knowledge
...our capabilities
...our impact

Our Commitments

Values aren’t worth the pixels they’re written in if we can’t point to their effect on our behaviour and outcomes. We have four commitments that act as promises to our people, clients and society:

1. We are committed to being a knowledge business

Every aspect of what we do and how we do it depends on the expertise, attitude and experience of our people. We love seeing our people thrive, grow and excel. We strive to create and nurture a culture of continuous learning, mentoring, mastering, and sharing. Our clients are our business, and our investment in our individual and collective knowledge allows us to develop better practical solutions for our clients, who repay us by becoming long-term partners and recommending us to others.

2. We are committed to being an impact business

Like most businesses we have the power to do good or do harm (either deliberate or unintended). We believe that the choices we make about the work we do and how we do it really matters. We seek impactful work that drives progress, and we support causes that make the world a better place, with 5% of our net profits going to societal and environmental causes.

3. We are committed to being a people business

As a Belfast business, we know the cost that exclusion and division can have at a personal, cultural, and societal level. We believe that creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, valued, and free to bring their true self to work is transformative for us as individuals and as a team. We ensure a minimum of 20% of our net profits go to our staff, because being inclusive means including everyone in the success we all create.

4. We are committed to being a sustainable business

As a tech company we are aware that so much of the environmental impact of our industry is hidden in things like the supply chain of hardware and the energy consumption of servers and cloud solutions. We are always exploring and prioritising solutions that work for our clients and the planet. As a business we pursue sustainable growth, taking a long-term holistic view, and balancing often competing commercial and environmental factors.

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