Life at Instil

Ski Life

A reportage on the recent Instil ski trip to Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise, France.

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Zarah Akilagun-Thompson
6 April 2022

International Women's Day and Beyond

Head of People, Stefanie Brooks discusses what International Women's Day means to her and how we should be strong and independent everyday and not just for one day.

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Stefanie Brooks
8 March 2022

Countryside to Mountainside - My Instil Life

One of our Software Engineers, Emma, talks about her journey from the Northern Irish countryside to the Swiss Alps!

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Emma Moinat
17 February 2022

The Journey To Becoming A Confident Software Developer

Senior Software Engineer, Kelvin Harron discusses his journey of becoming a confident software engineer

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Kelvin Harron
4 February 2022

An Instil apprenticeship > anywhere else

Asking Oscar about the first 6 months of his apprenticeship

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Oscar Daly
17 January 2022

6 Questions For An Instil Apprentice

Asking Caleb 6 questions about his apprenticeship at Instil

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Caleb Wilson
14 January 2022

Work experience for school and university students at Instil

Seeking work experience either during your school or university years? Here's what we offer

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Tara Simpson
6 January 2022

Making the most out of your placement with Instil

Advice for those undertaking a placement year with Instil

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Dylan Longlands
13 September 2021

6 Questions For An Instil Intern

Asking Daniel 6 questions about his placement at Instil

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Daniel Murphy
12 August 2021

New Start Experience at Instil

Detailing the new start experience at Instil

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Daniel Murphy
7 January 2021

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