6 Questions For An Instil Apprentice

14 January 2022

In this article I will answer some questions about my work+ apprenticeship at Instil

Introduction to Caleb

Hi, I'm Caleb, one half of Instil's first set of apprentices. I am a few months into my apprenticeship and as National Apprenticeship week is on the week commencing 7th of February below are some questions and answers about my experience so far.

1. Why did you apply for the apprentice programme?

I knew it would be a great way to gain practical experience, make connections in the industry and learn all while getting a qualification with no debt.

2. How have you found your apprenticeship so far?

I have really enjoyed it so far, despite having slightly less free time than most university students, I enjoy my job and find it very rewarding. Our one day in university has been a great opportunity to break up the work week and increase our knowledge to help us do our jobs even better.

3. What skills do you think you have improved upon or learned since commencing the programme?

I have learnt some key software engineering skills such as how to write clean code, how to make use of version control and how to test my code. I have also spent a lot of time using React and Typescript which I have definitely improved at over the past few months. Alongside the technical skills gained my teamwork has most definitely improved as I have had a chance to work with a variety of people at Instil already.

4. Do you get much support from your employer or training provider?

Yes we get as much support as we need. Along with the formal training we received from the excellent training team at Instil when we first started, everyone in the company will help us find an answer whenever we are having a problem. Instil and Ulster University both provide a large range of technical learning materials for us which I plan to make plenty of use out of.

5. What are your plans for when your apprenticeship is complete?

I have really enjoyed working at Instil so far so once I graduate I would love to stay on and take on a role with more responsibility.

6. What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting an apprenticeship?

I would say if you know what you want to do for your career to just go for it. I really have loved it so far and I'm extremely glad that this is the route I chose. I'm sure this gladness will only increase as I progress as a software engineer.

Instil are currently looking for apprentices through the workplus programme. Find out more here.

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