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London Kotlin Meetup

Garth Gilmour, Hadi Hariri, Carmel Quinn and Edie Cockrell took centre stage to discuss the impact that Covid has had on our working lives. We have all been impacted as...

8th September


Kotlin Budapest User Group Meetup

The first in-person Kotlin Budapest User Group meetup took place on 29th June. Garth Gilmour and Eamonn Boyle headlined the event and gave a breakdown of using KotlinJS to develop...

29th June

Budapest, Hungary

BelfastJS Meetup

The first virtual BelfastJS meetup kicks off on 24th June. Garth Gilmour will be presenting on Type Wizardry for JavaScript Heretics. In his talk he will demonstrate how types can...

24th June


The Machine Learning Bash

This month’s Bash will focus on the much talked about subject of Machine Learning. The Talks Dr Frances Buontempo - Regression to Mediocrity? AI and Machine Learning appears to be...

21st May 2021 (12 noon BST)


The Modern JVM Development Bash

This month’s Bash meetup features three talks on the JVM. The Talks Nicolai Parlog (Java After Eleven) In this live-coded talk Nicolai will update a Java 11 code base to...

26th March 2021 (12noon GMT)


Join us at the GOTO Ask Me Anything event

The GOTO Conference ‘Ask Me Anything’ format is a crowdsourced question-and-answer session meant to open up fascinating discussions outside of the traditional presentation format. Essentially, it’s your chance to ask...

24th March 2021 (4pm CET)


The .NET Bash featuring Scott Hanselman

2020 is almost behind us (thank goodness), but there is still time to fit in one final BASH! before the shutters come down and the nibbles come out. We are...

16th December 2020 (8am GMT)


The Red Eye Bash featuring Josh Long

About a year ago I asked Josh the question, is Spring dead? My sense was, as we rush headlong into the world of Serverless and Cloud Native, that Spring’s popularity...

18th November 2020 (8am GMT)