The Black Box BASH

Bash returns for the first time in over 2 years as an in-person event

  • 26th April 2022
  • Black Box

So, it's really happening - our first live event in 2 years.

The Black Box is booked, the speakers have arrived safe and sound in Belfast, and we have organised an open bar with some gourmet pizzas to accompany us through the evening. As we emerge the COVID haze, why not treat yourself to a night of in-person chat and real-life talks.

Our 2 speakers, Dave Farley and Martin Thompson, are both renowned experts in their respective fields of Continuous Delivery and High Performance computing, and will no doubt deliver 2 great talks. I can say that Martin's talk is more in the style of a fireside chat, whereas I have absolutely no idea what Dave is going to talk about! We've let it completely open to him, which is kind of adding to the intrigue of what should be a great night. Sometimes, the best plans are to make no plans.

More information

For more information or to register, go to our BASH meetup page. See you there!