International Women's Day and Beyond

8 March 2022

8th March marks International Women's Day, but we should look beyond this day and be proud, independent and strong everyday.

On days like today, I reflect back on my career to date and see the opportunities I have been afforded based on my own achievements and ability. Do I feel like I have worked for companies that still value my male counterparts over me, maybe, it isn’t something I have ever allowed myself to get embroiled in.  I work hard for me, I create and smash goals for me. I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, but in work I am the Head of People, not because I am all those other things, but because I am good at it.

Stefanie Brooks

I am proud and grateful to work for a company who breathe diversity and inclusivity. Opportunity is equal and our culture is supportive of all. We offer everyone the space to grow and develop and will always keep this at the core of our employee journey.

I am delighted to see our female team members have grown in the past year, with 50% of our hires being female and our overall headcount of female employees currently at 28%. The technology industry is still a male dominated one, but I feel female domination in our future.

I do feel companies are evolving, but some will still recruit, promote and support their employees based on their gender. These same companies are losing exceptional talent, and I thank them, you are handing this talent to a market who will embrace them and help them grow.

So in the spirit of International Women’s Day - be strong, be proud, and be independent everyday, not just on the days we talk about it.

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Stefanie Brooks

Head of People