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From TDD to PBT via Kotest

In this post we see how to integrate PBT into your Kotlin tests.

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Garth Gilmour
26 October 2021

TypeScript Testing Tips - Mocking Functions with Jest

In this, the second of a series of posts on practical applications of TypeScript, we continue on the topic of testing by looking at how three lines of TypeScript magic...

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Eoin Mullan
28 October 2020

TypeScript Testing Tips - Creating Dummies

This is the first post in a series on using TypeScript in practical applications. It shows a simple TypeScript pattern for building type-safe, unit test dummies. The focus is on...

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Eoin Mullan
21 October 2020

Test Setup as a Sanity Check on your Design

The importance of listening to your tests as a sanity check on your design

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Richard Bell
15 April 2016

Exploring Session Based Testing

An introduction to session-based testing, a refinement to exploratory testing

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Neil Boyd
7 January 2016