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Introduction to TypeScript Course

  • 2 Days
  • Intermediate
  • Virtual | Classroom
  • £ On Request

Fast-track your team to TypeScript in just 2 days. Instructor-led training that teaches TypeScript through a mix of hands-on exercises, demos, live-coding and expert instruction.

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What your team will learn

Develop confidence in all core TypeScript features

Become comfortable with ADTs and other advanced concepts

Learn how to apply both OO and Functional paradigms

Become proficient at writing and testing in TypeScript


JavaScript is a powerful language that is ubiquitous in the Web. However, its dynamic and interpreted nature can lead to problems at scale, problems that are mitigated in other languages by compilation and static typing. TypeScript brings these benefits to the JavaScript universe.

TypeScript is a type safe superset of JavaScript that allows us to write clean, simple code that runs anywhere JavaScript does. Unlike other languages that can transpile to JavaScript, the interop between JavaScript and TypeScript is a primary engineering concern. As a superset, all JavaScript skills and legacy code are readily reusable. Type safety brings many benefits, including catching bugs at compile time instead of run time, advanced static analysis tooling, powerful refactorings, better IDE experience etc.


Introduction and Setup

  • Why do we need TypeScript?
  • What is Transpilation
  • The difference between the TypeScript compiler and Babel
  • Setting up a build environment with Webpack
  • Support for TS in the IDE
  • Configuring TypeScript via tsconfig.json
  • Decoding the transpiled output

TypeScript Fundamentals

  • The basic types supported by TS
  • The power of type inference
  • Comparing any and unknown
  • The difference between Casting and Type Assertions
  • TypeScript as a superset of Modern JavaScript
  • Enhancements to function declarations
  • Using function types and higher order functions
  • How function overloading works in TypeScript
  • Numeric, String and const enumerations

Object Oriented TypeScript

  • The TypeScript class model in depth
  • Access modifiers and support for JavaScript private
  • Enforcing contracts via interfaces
  • Readonly properties and Accessors
  • Support for generic types and constraints

Advanced TypeScript

  • Advanced features of TS interfaces
  • The difference between object literals and type literals
  • Using string and number literals as Types
  • Type Aliases, Unions and Intersections
  • Smart Casting and Type Guards
  • Defining mapped types and the infer keyword
  • Utility types and type programming
  • ts-toolbelt and utility-types
  • Using class Decorators
  • Understanding Symbols
  • Generator functions
  • Writing asynchronous TypeScript

Testing TypeScript

  • Mock objects in a strongly typed world
  • Leveraging the Builder pattern
  • Testing asynchronous TypeScript


This TypeScript course is intended to be delivered to software engineering teams.

Delegates on this TypeScript training course must be proficient JavaScript developers. However, the delivery time can be extended if they have no prior knowledge of JavaScript.

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Book for my Team

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