Java Developer Certification Workshop

  • 2-4 Days Over a Month
  • Intermediate
  • Virtual | Classroom
  • £ On Request

Prepare your team for the Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam with our Java Developer Certification Workshop. Involves practice exam questions and bespoke coaching sessions.

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This workshop will prepare you for the Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam. The material has been rewritten for the latest version, as announced in August 2020.


  • Delegates attempt a 100 question sample exam, which tests their knowledge of the core concepts in depth. This is to address topics such as Data Types, Control Flow, Object-Orientation, Generics, Exception Handling and Collections.
  • Delegates then attend a 1-2 day bespoke coaching session, which has been shaped according to their previous experience and the results from the exam. Those topics which caused the most difficulty are expounded, by means of discussion, sample applications and coding exercises.
  • The two steps above are repeated for a second 100 question exam, which tests knowledge of the more advanced concepts. This addresses topics such as the Streams API, Lambdas, I/O, Concurrency and Security. Once again the exam is followed by a 1-2 day coaching session where gaps and weaknesses are addressed.
  • It is assumed that delegates will then take time to engage in personal study before attempting the exam. So there is the option of a ½ day ‘crammer session’ to answer any remaining questions and issues.


The coaching sessions mentioned above can be delivered in-person or virtually. In either case the material is presented via a Git repository, so it is easy for delegates to query the sample questions and submit practical work for review. In the virtual delivery the repository will be hosted within an instance of JetBrains Space, which provides additional support for chat channels, group-work, blogging and online code review.

The full duration of the delivery is between two and four days. Please note that:

  • The two taught sessions do not have to be contiguous, and in fact a gap of 1-2 weeks is recommended to allow the delegates to process the material.
  • We only charge for time used. For example if a session is scheduled for 2 days, but is complete after 1.5, then that’s all we bill for.


Delegates must be proficient Java developers.

Ryan Adams

Used to make software for learning as a developer, now helping software makers learn.

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Andrew Paul

Was a teacher, then a lecturer and now a trainer at Instil. Has been completed the circle.

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For a breakdown of what to expect in our training, check out our training overview page.
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