Bash Events in 2015

Announcing two upcoming events including Jetbrains coming to Belfast for a series of workshops and an Intro to Erlang Bash meetup

  • 27th January 2015
  • Instil HQ, Belfast

To kick off 2015 I am delighted to announce two upcoming BASH events and tantalise you with the promise of even greater things to come…

But before that just a reminder that all the videos from last years React conferences are online:

All are worth your time, but my personal recommendations are Ben Christensen for inspiration (truly Netflix are the DevOps Gods), Martin Thompson for ego reduction (everything you know about coding is wrong) and national treasure Joe Armstrong for the long view (this has all happened before, and will all happen again).

Erlang Bash (27th January 2015)

The first BASH event of the year will be next week, Tuesday 27th January for a whistle-stop tour of Erlang and Elixir.

Erlang has been in use in Ericsson since 1986 and been gaining popularity in the wider community since it was opened-sourced in 1998. Designed originally to meet the needs of Ericsson in their telephony hardware, Erlang has since been used to deliver resilient, scalable and reliable databases, trading platforms and backend services for gaming and social media.You’ll be introduced to Erlang’s concurrency model, pattern matching and fault tolerance, and learn how it achieves all this while not allowing you to assign the same variable twice!

Our very own Gareth Fleming will be presenting an introduction to the basics of Erlang’s syntax and runtime. It will be a code-heavy presentation which you should feel free to follow along with (setup details will be Tweeted on Monday). Then Chris McGrath (freelance Ruby and Rails developer) will be introducing OTP supervisors and generic servers, as well as presenting Elixir, a Ruby-esque syntax running on the Erlang runtime.

To attend please sign up at the BASH Meetup Group

JetBrains Bash (16th February 2015)

Just before Christmas we started a conversation with JetBrains about making a splash at BASH, and I am delighted to reveal they have agreed to come over and give us the inside scoop on surviving (and thriving) as a tools vendor.

On 16th February we will be hosting Hadi Hariri and Matthew Ellis, who will be conducting two workshops and the usual informal evening presentation.

There will be a morning workshop for all you .NET developers out there (I try not to judge, we all have our own path to tread) on getting the best out of ReSharper and an afternoon workshop on the IntelliJ IDE and the ecosystem it supports (so come all ye Java, Scala and JavaScript coders…). The evening presentation will be their perspective on developing for developers, what makes for a killer IDE and how to continuously roll out new product without either descending into mediocrity or being swallowed by one of the big fish…

Links for booking one or both workshops and attending the evening event will be publicised on Wednesday once we have the Erlang BASH done and dusted. There will be a nominal charge for the workshops to cover the presenters expenses and prevent speculative bookings (we anticipate lots of interest and don’t want to disappoint). If your organisation would like to send a bunch of folks please let us know and if needed we will book a bigger venue…

The March BASH – Project ‘X’

I would love to reveal more but am currently sworn to secrecy. More news once Tara revokes the gagging order… Suffice to say it should be a good one, and involving a technology with which I have an enduring and slightly worrying obsession…

The Far Future

As you will know last summer we did a series of evening workshops on emerging technologies, presented by local luminaries. This generated lots of positive feedback but was a challenge logistically. This year we are contemplating ‘BASH-Conf’ – a 2 day single track event blending the best parts of the BASH and REACT experiences. Everything is open for discussion at this stage so if you would like to speak, nominate a speaker or throw in some sponsorship please let us know.

A Personal Note of Thanks

As always the motivations behind BASH are to give something back to the community, build and enhance software development in Ireland and draw in the kinds of speakers we all want to see. If theres anything we could be doing better, or you want to contribute please tweet, message us on Facebook or go old school and email. Thank you your support in the past and please continue your patronage in 2015 :-)