Kotlin Budapest User Group Meetup

  • 29th June

  • Budapest, Hungary

Missed the first in-person Kotlin Budapest meetup event 2021? Find out what happened below.

The first in-person Kotlin Budapest User Group meetup took place on 29th June. Garth Gilmour and Eamonn Boyle headlined the event and gave a breakdown of using KotlinJS to develop a front-end app using React. They were followed in person by Marton Braun (@zsmb13) who talked about how the new Moshi-based add-on for the Krate library was implemented.

For safety reasons the event was limited to 30 people but if you missed it, don't worry, a full recording of the video can be found here

As part of our renowned training team, Garth and Eamonn deliver virtual and in-person software development training to technology companies globally. We are a certified JetBrains Kotlin training partner, and as such we deliver a range of Kotlin specific programming courses and an even wider range of more general software development courses. Do get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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