Shiny Things Bash

Announcing our 2013 Autumn Bash event that covers lots of new shiny things

  • 6th November 2013
  • Instil HQ, Belfast

We are very pleased to announce the Autumn Bash, a mini-half day/evening conference, featuring at least 6 speakers, a bar and some decent food. You commit 5 hours of your life to hearing some great local developers talk passionately about technology, and in return you get fed, watered and entertained for absolutely nothing. Now that's a deal.

Our theme this time is 'Shiny New Things - the good, the bad and ugly'.

As an industry we seem to be caught up in a never-ending cycle of using the latest and greatest technologies, languages and frameworks. Anything to make our lives easier, right? But are we just going round in circles, recreating the same things over and over, replacing tried, tested but ever-so-uncool technologies with something significantly inferior? Or is there real value in these technologies? What advantages do they bring and how successful have they been when used in anger?

This Bash will attempt to answer some of these questions - you will get real world insight from companies such as Kainos, Rumble Labs, Kana, Instil, and Liberty on their experiences of using new technologies such as AngularJS, Hadoop, MongoDB, DropWizard and much more. Yes, this a true Northern Irish style cross community event!! We also hope to have a speaker talk from outside the tech world - more news closer to the time if we pull that off.

We'll announce all the talks closer to the time, but for now all we ask is that you clear the decks and make time in your busy schedules for what should be a fantastic event.

Kick-off is 4.30pm, 6th NOVEMBER 2013, and will run all the way into evening. We will be in the BLACK BOX, Belfast.

You can book tickets here:

Look forward to seeing you there.