The .NET Bash

December's Bash event is all about .NET development and features 4 great speakers: Scott Hanselman dialing in from the States; Andrea Magnorsky based in London; and two local speakers, Alan Turpin and Laura Gilmore.

  • 16th December 2020 (8am GMT)
  • Online

2020 is almost behind us (thank goodness), but there is still time to fit in one final BASH! before the shutters come down and the nibbles come out. We are delighted to announce the .NET BASH! for 16th December, featuring four awesome talks.

As usual we have a mixture of international guests and home grown talent. Andrea Magnorsky and Scott Hanselman will be joining us from afar whilst Laura Gilmour and Alan Turpin will represent the Belfast .NET community.

The subjects covered include the new features in .NET 5.0, the motivations behind it's 20 year evolution, it's potential (via Azure) for Serverless applications and it's congeniality for new developers. So whether you are an old hand, a complete newbie or simply curious there will be lots to keep you interested.

Please note that this event will start at 8am, to facilitate Scott joining us from the US. Be there or appear on Santa's Naughty List!! ;-)

The Talks

Scott Hanselman (.NET 5, WSL and Windows Terminal. Why Windows is your best dev box.)

Join Scott Hanselman as he shares all the latest hotness when developing on windows. From power toys to fancy zones, .NET 5 to WSL, plus the windows terminal, can a Windows machine compete against a MacBook as an epic developer machine? Let’s find out. No slides, just demos in this highly technical interactive talk. (40 mins)

Andrea Magnorsky (Chasing a trail or chasing our tail? A brief history of .NET as a multi language runtime.)

Using .NET as an example we'll go over the technical decisions that influenced how todays languages look like. We will look at some key technologies that enabled the creation of .NET, the reasons for it's creation and the origin of it's core features. (20 mins)

Alan Turpin (Lessons in Microsoft Serverless: The good, the bad, the not-so-ugly)

Taking over ownership of an application built on legacy technologies and frameworks can be a daunting challenge. In this talk, Alan will share the lessons he has learned so far on a journey to decompose a monolith into a seamless, serverless CI / CD pipeline, leveraging the power of platforms like Azure Functions. (15 mins)

Laura Gilmour (One small change for a Software Engineer, one big change for a Graduate!)

Going from University to working in a company is a massive change, so I want to take you through part of my first ever project I did when joining as a Graduate Software Engineer with ESO, and the interesting things I am learning from it. (15 mins)


You can register for this event via our Bash Meetup page.