The Typesafe Bash - an evening of Scala and Akka

Announcing the Typesafe Bash event - an evening of Scala and Akka

  • 20th April 2015
  • Instil HQ, Belfast

On 20th and 21st April Instil is proud to announce that we will be hosting Jamie Allen from Typesafe. Jamie is Typesafe’s Director of Global Services, has been consulting since 1994 and is the author of the ‘Effective Akka’ book from O’Reilly.

In addition to delivering Typesafe’s ‘Fast-track to Scala‘ course (places still remaining) Jamie will be presenting at BASH on the evening of the 20th. See our Meetup page or @devbash for full details.

The format of the BASH event will be that Jamie will speak for 10-20mins on the long term future of the Java platform, the ongoing JVM language smackdown, the imminent multi-code apocalypse and of course how Akka can save us all :-) After that we will be opening the floor for any and all questions on anything Scala / Akka / JVM related.

In order to keep things moving at a decent pace we are asking for questions in advance. All suggestions gratefully received and very much appreciated. Please place suggestions below, tweet to @devbash or email

As always many thanks for your continued support of BASH and look forward to seeing you all there :-)