Instillers rough it for Byte Night fundraiser

11 October 2018

byte night team

On Friday 5th October, 6 willing Instillers took to the Pavilion Stormont Estate, Belfast, to rough it for one night for Byte Night in Aid of Action for Children to raise funds for preventing youth homelessness.

The team, joined forces with around 300 other individuals and teams from the technology and business sector for 24 hours. Here's what some of the team had to say after the event;

Byte Night was a humbling experience for me. It is easy to ignore the bombardment of statistics you hear on the news everyday about homelessness, and to be altruistic in the comfort of your own home, however, listening to the very real stories and experiencing their hardships for one night put into perspective the privileged position I am in. Despite, the cold and the rain, I found the night pretty fun, especially in the company of friends, and the knowledge that I will be back home the next day, which is a stark contrast to the reality that thousands of young people face everyday. I learnt a great deal of things during the fundraiser, as it's not something I had done before, and would definitely do it again next year. Samir Thapa

Byte Night was great fun for a great cause, not the most comfortable night's sleep, or the driest, but definitely worth it to raise some money for the kids out there who don't have a choice, a really interesting night! Harry McGreevy

Experiencing even a small sense of what young people go through every night was quite the eye opener. Although I had tremendous fun with the other Instiller's and really enjoyed the socialising side of things I have come away with a renewed appreciation of being able to go back to my bed every night. Byte Night was a very unique fundraising event going towards a good cause for people who need it and I am proud to have been involved alongside some amazing people. Looking forward I feel that Byte Night could be an influence for me to take part in more events like these in the future. Overall a greatly rewarding experience in raising awareness. Benn Henderson

What is Byte Night?

Byte Night is the UK's largest national corporate sleep out event, with individuals and teams from the technology and business services sleeping out to raise vital funds to prevent youth homelessness. Instil's contribution should allow Action for Children to continue to help thousands of young people to build better lives by providing essential support, accommodation, education and training. For more information visit Byte Night website


There still time to donate. Visit the Instil Just Giving page

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