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29 January 2018

What do you want from a job? This question has many answers, but there are four which are common to everyone. These are the four pillars which hold your career. Should even one of these be lacking, then it will get worn down and crumble. And you will quit – you will find a better job. These four pillars are reinforced at Instil. Read on to discover why you must work here.


You do not want a job where your skills turn stale. This is not that sort of job. I left university with the sole knowledge of Java, and within my first week at Instil I was already learning about front-end and back-end frameworks. Within my first month, I had contributed to the development of an existing project, and was involved with scrum meetings. You will get such exposure immediately upon joining, to the best technologies and practices.

Eventually, as you become a more confident software engineer, you will seek to progress. Such career progression is clearly defined here. You will start as Graduate Software Engineer, finally advancing to Principal Software Engineer.

Even with challenging work and great career progression, you will become bored. This is a consequence of spending too long working in the same sector – the applications you write, and languages you write them in, will rarely deviate. For us, as a consultancy, this is not a problem. You will work with clients across different sectors using different technologies, all from the comfort of our office. You will have the autonomy to choose which technology is best for the job. If you need a hand formally learning these technologies, our excellent software trainers will be happy to teach you from our specialised training room.


No one can do this on their own. Building software is a hugely complex, time-consuming process. You will need talented colleagues who are as passionate about code as you are; there are plenty here at Instil.

Every engineer who works here is extremely knowledgeable and disciplined. A huge emphasis is placed on writing code that not only works, but that is clean. A whole book has been written on the topic of clean code, and I believe it precisely encompasses Instil’s approach to crafting software.

Of course, reading a book is not enough, and no one truly knows how to write clean code when they start their career. Having proficient colleagues helps. Your code will be regularly reviewed and advice will be given, nurturing you into a more competent software engineer.

The team here is not only professional, but it is also very friendly. When you start, you will be assigned a mentor, who will help you with any tricky coding issues you may run into. I asked my mentor many questions when I started, and I learned a lot. It’s not just your mentor, though – you can ask for help from anyone. If you’re not sure who is the best person to ask, then type a question into our Slack workspace, where the whole team will be able to respond.

Work-Life Balance

It is likely that you find the act of learning and writing code fun. Good. But despite that, there will always be times when work feels like work. How can an employer minimise such times?

Instil is a relatively small company, currently at around 20 people, which is one of its greatest assets. There is no corporate red tape or bureaucracy to contend with – it’s all code, no fuss. This is a quiet and relaxed working environment, without distraction. Writing code is what matters, and if this is what you care about, then this is the environment you need.

Occasionally, you will require a break from writing code. With 35 days annual leave this is easily afforded. If you want some exercise, then there is a nearby gym which you can go to at lunch. And there are also company outings, where the whole team will get together for the day, away from the office.


You can’t eat code. You are passionate and humble, but you wouldn’t do this for free. I wouldn’t either – none of us would. You want to grow as a software engineer, and you want to be compensated for it.

The salary at Instil is highly competitive. In my experience as a graduate, it is better than almost everywhere else, more than enough to live comfortably on.

As a personal example, I have been at Instil for 6 months at the time of writing. I am currently in the process of purchasing my first home. I can treat myself to games or gadgets. And I can support my family should they fall under financial strain.


If the above sounds like your dream job, then pinch yourself – this is not a dream. You will not find a better place to learn. You will not find a more professional team. Do yourself, your career, and the software industry a huge favour - apply for a job at Instil!

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