Instil achieves CSR bronze accreditation

14 January 2022

We are pleased to announce that Instil has acheived a CSR Bronze Accreditation award. As a growing company, we know that our responsibilities run much deeper than the here and now of doing work. At the tail end of 2021 we decided that it was time to fully understand where we stood - to measure our level of maturity compared to other organisations and to determine where we needed to improve.

Acheiving the CSR Bronze Accreditation has given that much needed yardstick, but it's only the first step. We know that there is so much more to do over the coming months and years to ensure that we acheive silver or even gold next time.

For more information on CSR Accreditation see their website. And for more information on our values and commitments please visit this page.

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Zarah Akilagun-Thompson

Marketing Manager