Paddy O'Hagan joins Instil as COO

13 June 2023

Since our founding in 2005, Instil has grown steadily from a small team working with a few select clients to a business of nearly 100 people working across a range of projects with global brands. Along the way, we have created a culture that values engineering and design excellence, that has strived to consistently deliver brilliant software for our customers, that has helped 100s of organisations get better at building software, delivering outcomes and strengthening their own capabilities, all whilst working hard to foster and contribute to the local software community.

We do these things because they matter to us and define us as a company. But, of course, growth comes with inevitable change. Indeed, growth is not possible without change - for any business to flourish and grow, it must invest in its people and leadership team.

It’s to that end that we are delighted to announce that Instil has a new Chief Operating Officer. Paddy O’Hagan, a highly respected local business leader, has come on board to help the company accelerate its growth ambitions. With nearly 25 years experience in the software service sector, including positions at both COO and CEO level, Paddy has the know-how and vision to help Instil meet its true potential and scale globally.

As our CEO, Tara Simpson, explains:

Paddy’s appointment comes at a great time for Instil. His experience of having been down this road before is simply incalculable both to me personally and to the ambitions of this company. We are already seeing the positive impact Paddy is having on the business, both in terms of helping us shape our future but also in executing our growth plans. I couldn’t ask for a better person to help me realise our future.

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Tara Simpson