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Monads For The Masses

The third in a series of three, introducing Functional Programming concepts.

Garth Gilmour
25 June 2017

Curry On Regardless

The second in a series of posts introducing Functional Programming concepts. This post looks at the closely related concepts of Currying and Partial Application

Garth Gilmour
14 June 2017

Over-Thunking It

With the increasing adoption of functional programming there are strange terms slowly moving their way from academic obscurity to mainstream software engineering. Thanks mainly to the React and Redux frameworks,...

Garth Gilmour
9 June 2017

Functional Coding in Java - Gateway Drug or End of Line

In this guest post, Tom Prior reviews a Java Functional Programming talk given by Instiller Garth at a recent event in Cork.

Tom Prior
18 April 2017

Java Shark Jump Redux

Opinion piece on why Java 8's attempt to jump the shark is just that

Garth Gilmour
6 June 2014

Java Jumps the Shark

Java 8 attempts to 'jump the shark' with the introduction of streams, lambdas and 'FP'

Garth Gilmour
4 June 2014

An Intro To Option(al)

Introduction to the Option, Optional and Maybe Types in Scala, Java and C#

Garth Gilmour
25 May 2014