Java Courses

Engineering Best Practices
Learn and explore the techniques and disciplines that underpin the development of great software.
2 Days Beginner/Intermediate
Fast Track to Akka with Java
A three-day introduction to the reactive Akka toolkit and runtime and the methodologies that enable the creation of real-world actor-based systems in Java on a single JVM
3 Days Intermediate
High Performance Java Persistence
Deep dive Java persistence for intermediate to advanced programmers
1-3 Days Intermediate
Introduction to Git
Learn the foundations of distributed version control and Git
1 Day Beginner
Introduction to Gradle
Learn how to better manage and build your projects using Gradle.
2 Days Beginner
Java 8 Update
Understand the full range of features arriving in Java 8 and learn how to start using them immediately
2 Days Intermediate
Java Fundamentals
A comprehensive introduction to programming in Java
3-5 Days Beginner
Java Masterclass
Unlocking the secrets of the Java master programmer
2-4 Days Intermediate
Java Performance
Distilled approaches and techniques for improving performance
3 Days Intermediate
Java for Experienced .NET Developers
Fast track conversion course for experienced .NET developers moving to Java
4-5 Days Intermediate
Java for Experienced Developers
Accelerated conversion course for experienced developers moving to Java
3-5 Days Intermediate
Pattern Based Software Development in Java
Understanding design patterns in context, with Kevlin Henney, a hugely respected trainer and speaker across the industry
3 Days Intermediate
Performance Testing and Tuning Java Applications
Learn how to test and profile Java applications right down to the hardware level
3 Days Intermediate
Reactive and Asynchronous Java
Learn how to apply the latest concurrency techniques to develop state of the art Java applications
2 Days Intermediate
Writing Concurrent Code With Lock Free Algorithms
A deep dive into the world of high performance with Martin Thompson, world authority on concurrent programming
3 Days Advanced

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Tremendous amount of content taught very clearly. Definite recommended learning for anyone looking to refresh their core Java skills or anyone looking to ramp up on using Java having previously used any similar language.