GDG Dubai Meetup: Using Kotlin & Spring Boot to Administer JetBrains Space

Join Garth in the first GDG Dubai meetup of 2021 where he will discuss our experiences using Kotlin and Spring Boot to Administer JetBrains Space

  • 19th January 2021 (5pm GMT)
  • Online

At Instil we use JetBrains Space as the primary mechanism for coaching developers during virtual training. Space provides integrated support for managing projects, repositories, documents and discussions.

To ensure privacy we create a dedicated instance for each training delivery, which initially led to a lot of manual configuration. We have addressed this by using Kotlin, Spring Boot and the Space HTTP API to automatically configure instances.

This talk will walk you through some of the code we created. In addition to the Space API we will be covering OAuth, Spring WebFlux, Functional Patterns and Reactive Design.

This talk is as much about the power of Kotlin and Spring Boot as it is about Jetbrains' Space product. If you are using Kotlin, Spring Boot or are considering JetBrains Space as a platform, then join Garth on 19th Jan at the GDG Dubai meetup.


There is still time to register here.