Join us at the GOTO Ask Me Anything event

Instillers Garth and Eamonn will be fielding the questions at the GOTO Ask Me Anything session in March 2021

  • 24th March 2021 (4pm CET)
  • Online

The GOTO Conference 'Ask Me Anything' format is a crowdsourced question-and-answer session meant to open up fascinating discussions outside of the traditional presentation format. Essentially, it's your chance to ask speakers and experts, well, anything (related to software, of course).

As regular speakers at GOTO events, Garth and Eamonn will be taking the AMA spotlight on 24th March 2021, where they would be delighted to field questions related to training, language, frameworks or software in general.

The AMA sessions are part of the wider, and rather excellent, GOTO Conference experience. The good news is these 'Ask Me Anything' sessions are absolutely FREE.


You can register directly for this event here - remember it's free - or if you would like to explore other AMA sessions (and there are some good ones), you can do so here.

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