Kotlin Coroutines

A mini-bash event exploring Kotlin Coroutines, featuring Svetlana Isakova, one of the authors of the language

  • 23rd January 2018
  • Instil HQ, Belfast

Very last minute, but we are delighted to announce that Svetlana Isakova - one of the main developers behind Kotlin - will be in Belfast on the week commencing 22nd January. She has very kindly offered to speak at our Bash event about Kotlin Coroutines and how they simplify asynchronous programming.

Although the talk is about Kotlin, if you are coming from a C# or Java background, it will all make perfect sense, promise. And hey, it's in Kotlin - what's not to like! You can book your ticket here.

And while we're on the topic of Kotlin, Instil will also be hosting the Belfast Functional Kats meetup on the 24th January which will include a talk about 'functional programming in Kotlin with Arrow'.

Talk Synopsis: Kotlin Coroutines

The async/await feature allows you to write the asynchronous code in a straightforward way, without a long list of callbacks. Used in C# for quite a while already, it has proven to be extremely useful. In Kotlin 1.1 you have async and await as library functions implemented using coroutines.

A coroutine is a light-weight thread that can be suspended and resumed later - a very precise definition, but one that might be confusing at first. What does 'light-weight thread' mean? How does suspension work? This talk uncovers the magic. We'll discuss the concept of coroutines, the power of async/await, and how you can benefit from defining your asynchronous computations using suspend functions.

Svetlana is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains. She is one of the authors of the "Kotlin in Action" book.

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