Shiny Things Speakers

Announcing the speakers for our 2013 Autumn Bash event that covers lots of new shiny technologies and tools

  • 6th November 2013
  • Instil HQ, Belfast

Very quick update on the speakers and their topics at the upcoming Shiny Bash. It is looking very busy, with over 100 people currently on the waitlist. It should be a great night.

Jason Bell - Introduction to Hadoop and Machine Learning

Jason is technical architect for SportsFusion, he's previously worked with Learning Pool, AirPOS, The Press Association and others in Northern Ireland, England and California. His main areas of expertise lie in Java, Hadoop and RabbitMQ messaging with a large leaning on customer prediction data and analytics. He also teaches core programming concepts for the University of Ulster and is also working on a book on Machine Learning for a 2014 release.

Garth Gilmour & David McFarland - Angular

High Inquisitor Garth to ask the questions, with defendent David under the spotlight. Expect a brief history of DOM manipulation, a quick summary of Angular's best features (Model bindings, Restangular, Directives), and the realities of using Angular in client work (i.e. Building / Testing AngularJS projects - JVM Build Tools, Karma, and so on).

Garth is Head of Learning at Instil, and everyone's favourite trainer around town. David is the voice of reason, knowledge and technical sanity, also at Instil, and has been using Angular in all its glory for the past 6 months.

David Hume - Good Form

REST is dead. Long live(d) Hypermedia APIs! Buzzwords aside, though, a perennial problem when attempting to design such APIs is the choice of media type. Atom? Siren? Mint your own? This talk will explore the less obvious choice of HTML5 as the media type for an API along with the challenges faced and the benefits reaped by a real world implementation.

David is a programmer and architect at Kana. If you ever get the chance, buy him a drink, ask him something (anything, but prefereably something technical) and just sit back and enjoy the ride.

David Anderson - Enterprise Javascript

JavaScript is horrible, don’t use it. Hang on, all of a sudden it’s the best thing ever and everyone is really excited about it. There’s a new framework out every week and everyone’s talking about widgets, again. Can JavaScript scale to enterprise teams and how do you explain to your business partner that you have to add Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD)? How does an Craftsman engineer even start to produce Well Crafted Software in this environment? There’s a lot more to it than a nice code formatter…

David comes from a long line of talkers and is currently one of the top dogs at Liberty. He also knows a thing or two about enterprise development.

James Hughes - Dropwizard

Dropwizard is a tool for building RESTful web services using mature and well understood libraries and technologies for the JVM. It not only provides a stack that enables rapid development of services but also actively encourages production-ready solutions with inclusion of ops focused technologies such as metrics, logging and configuration baked in.

James is a technical architect and software developer at Kainos, an occasional conference speaker, blogger and general evangelist on all things software. He's one of us.