The Red Eye Bash featuring Josh Long

Bash returns in November 2020 with the amazing Josh Long giving a talk on Spring Reactive

  • 18th November 2020 (8am GMT)
  • Online

About a year ago I asked Josh the question, is Spring dead? My sense was, as we rush headlong into the world of Serverless and Cloud Native, that Spring's popularity might be waning. His answer surprised me – an unequivocal and definite 'no', and actually, if anything, it is gaining in popularity, significantly.

In Belfast alone many companies continue to benefit from the Spring model, but even if you are not one of those (or have moved away from Spring) Josh is definitely worth listening to. He really knows his stuff and will gladly field your questions on all things Spring, Reactive and Cloud. Plus he's a bundle of energy, even at 8am on a dark Wednesday morning.

Oh, and yes, you read the time correctly. Josh lives in California, where it will be midnight, so red eyes all round. As a result this will be slightly different from our usual format, but the good news is you’ll be done and dusted for work before 9am :)

Reactive Spring

Microservices and big-data increasingly confront us with the limitations of traditional input/output. In traditional IO, work that is IO-bound dominates threads. This wouldn't be such a big deal if we could add more threads cheaply, but threads are expensive on the JVM, and most other platforms. Even if threads were cheap and infinitely scalable, we'd still be confronted with the faulty nature of networks. Things break, and they often do so in subtle, but non-exceptional ways. Traditional approaches to integration bury the faulty nature of networks behind overly simplifying abstractions. We need something better.

Spring Framework 5 is here ! It introduces the Spring developer to a growing world of support for reactive programming across the Spring portfolio, starting with a new Netty-based web runtime, component model and module called Spring WebFlux, and then continuing to Spring Data Kay, Spring Security 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but don't worry!

Join me, your guide, Spring developer advocate Josh Long, and we'll explore the wacky, wonderful world of Reactive Spring together.


You can register for Josh's talk via our Bash Meetup page or simply click on this YouTube link on the morning of the talk. Bring your coffee :)

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