The Summer Of Code Rolls On

Update on our summer of code workshops and events covering everything from mobile development to high performance computing

  • Summer 2014
  • Belfast

A few weeks ago a man with a plan announced that we would be running a summer of code in Instil HQ. The aim was to bring together like minded folks for talks, tinkering and chat on some of today’s hot topics; from shiny javascript, to build tools and the perennial favourite – Java.

Last Wednesday our very own David McFarland was in charge and he was scheduled to introduce us to JOOQ and Flyway. This may sound like the equipment that Rory McIlroy used to win the Open, but I am assured, and now know, that they are in fact database tools. The first generates Java code from your database and allows you to build typesafe SQL queries using a fluent API; the second is for database migrations.

After another hard day at the code mine, ten of us convened in the Instil training room. There was a good mix in the crowd from developers to architects. After a bit of friendly banter we were ready to begin.

There is no set format for these workshops; In this case David chose to run it by leading us through some introductory material before allowing us to explore the tools by working through some exercises that he had designed.

I must admit that database tooling is not likely to make your neighbours jealous, but it turned into an enlightening and enjoyable session so thanks to David for giving up his time to put it all together.

I think most of the other workshops are now booked up, but there will always be cancellations so add yourself to the waiting list if there is anything you fancy.