Upcoming Events 2015

A look ahead to the events and meetups we are organising in 2015

  • Jan-Mar 2015
  • Belfast

So 2014 has been busy. Really busy.

A whole summer of code, quickly followed by an intense but awesome autumn of corporate training, a pile of year-end project deadlines, the small matter of a conference, and 6th place in the Deloitte Fast 50 award. You would be forgiven to think we’re ready to rest on our laurels and take a long earned break. Not a bit of it!

(Well actually, we are, but not before getting our Q1 2015 plans in place.)

In January we will be hosting our first community event of the year; an evening of Erlang and Elixir. In some ways this completes the circle with Joe Armstrong’s amazing React London talk. Joe is of course co-creator of Erlang, and although we can’t have him over in person, fellow Instiller, Gareth Fleming (@d3z), and several aficionados will do a sterling job acting as his proxy. We haven’t quite settled on a date, but stay tuned and we’ll let you know through the usual channels, @devbash, @instil and our blog.

Then in February, we are looking forward to welcoming the amazing Jetbrains to Belfast. As well as giving a couple of intensive half-day workshops on IntelliJ and ReSharper, they have kindly offered to do a Bash talk on how Jetbrains got to be and how they keep putting out great products. We’ll announce details closer to the time, but the workshops and Bash event will take place around 16th/17th February.

March sees the arrival of a certain Axel Fontaine. Axel is creator of the wonderful database migration tool Flyway. We have been using Jooq and Flyway with great success internally and are absolutely delighted that Axel is coming over. Not only will he be talking about Flyway at a Bash event, he will also be delivering his 2-day ‘Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime‘ workshop whilst here.

Finally, but certainly not last, Mr Dan North, will be making a welcome return in April to (re)deliver his amazing Accelerated Agile workshop, now rebranded Software, Faster. The feedback from Dan’s class has been universally glowing and we would certainly recommend this to all developers and project managers.

And this is only for starters! We’ll back early in 2015 to announce more events and workshops.