Announcing Instil and 47 Degrees Training Partnership

We are running a four day training course in partnership with 47 Degrees. 47 Degrees are world renowned experts in Functional Programming whilst Instil is an Irish based consultancy with over 20 years experience in delivering projects, mentoring and training.

Led by Garth Gilmour (Head of Learning, Instil) and Raúl Raja (Co-Founder and CTO, 47 degrees), the event will consist of two days of Kotlin fundamentals followed by two days instruction in Pure Functional Programming.

By the end of the delivery, delegates will be able to program using all the features of the Kotlin language, but in particular have a detailed knowledge of advanced Functional Programming using Pure Functions, Immutable Data, Higher Kinded Types and Effects.

The course is scheduled to run from 4th - 7th June 2019 in Huckletree D2 in Dublin’s city centre and is geared towards developers with an interest in learning Kotlin and Functional Programming.

The first of its kind in the Island of Ireland, Instil’s Garth Gilmour commented;

We are thrilled to partner with a forward-thinking, innovative company like 47degrees. This course will bring together all round experience from both companies and provide a truly unique course for developers with a thirst for Kotlin to really get to grips with the language.

Raúl Raja adds;

Building upon the success of a recent Kotlin course that we organised in Madrid, we are delighted to partner with Instil to roll this course out in Ireland. Similar to us, they have an ethos of providing engineering excellence in every aspect of their business including training and we are confident that this partnership with them will evidently prove this from the quality of the training that we can collaboratively produce.

This course is now open for bookings and already we have had a number of enquiries. Places are limited, so grab one before they’re gone!

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