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How to run a Successful Software Engineering Graduate Academy

We have been running graduate academies for 15 years. Here are the secrets to how we make them a success.

Garth Gilmour
15 December 2022

The Edutainment Problem

In this post Garth Gilmour ponders the problem of 'Edutainment' and whether or not trainers need to be entertainers.

Garth Gilmour
24 September 2021

Should Developers be Ignorant?

Garth discusses his belief that junior developers should be given a safe space of blissful ignorance to play in, and only slowly exposed to the cruel realities of business. What...

Garth Gilmour
7 December 2020

Can Remote Training Sessions Work For You?

This is the fourth post in our series on distributed classroom training, this time written by our associate trainer, and cyber security expert Simon Whittaker. Simon answers the question -...

Simon Whittaker
29 June 2020

Instil Recommends Turns Fifty

A summary of of the talks and videos highlighted in our Instil Recommends series.

Garth Gilmour
22 June 2020

10 reasons why WebStorm is better than VS Code

Ok, ok, I know the title is contentious but don't start with me. I've been locked up for over 9 weeks now due to COVID-19, home schooling my kids, doing...

Eamonn Boyle
18 May 2020

The Delusions Of Developers

Lessons from the Dot-com Bust we need to relearn

Garth Gilmour
10 May 2020

Is The Classroom Dead?

With the pandemic in full-swing and ways of working changing, will any of us ever set foot in a classroom again?

Garth Gilmour
1 May 2020

Responding to Change and Following a Plan

COVID-19 has disrupted everything. As with just about everyone, Instil are being challenged to find a suitable response. Here's what our training team are doing

Ryan Adams
17 April 2020

Virtual-classroom Training from Instil

Maintaining the Instil approach of tailored training and individual coaching when we can't be together in a classroom

Garth Gilmour
17 April 2020

Thinking of the days, those serverless days you gave me

There’s something very special about a single-day, single-track, single-topic conference in your home city that offers a day of learning, a pint afterwards and home in time for the kids'...

Ryan Adams
30 January 2020