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How to Test Serverless Applications on AWS

Testing Serverless applications can be difficult, in this post we share some real world advice on where to start!

Matthew Wilson
2 November 2023

Amplify - sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe not

Speed vs Flexibility: What's more important to you?

Dylan Longlands
18 October 2023

Testing Step Functions Locally

Have you built a Step Function with many steps, retries and end states - but you are left wondering, how do I test this masterpiece to ensure it's as wonderful...

Tom Bailey
26 April 2023

Zero to Serverless Car Insurance - Part 3

In this post, we'll look at how you can encourage your team to adopt a Serverless mindset.

Matthew Wilson
18 April 2023

Zero to Serverless Car Insurance - Part 2

In this post, we'll be focusing on some key improvements we've made to the platform, particularly focusing on how writing less code is a good thing!

Matthew Wilson
11 April 2023

Zero to Serverless Car Insurance - Part 1

Over the past 2 years we learned a lot about what it takes to build a Serverless platform; what it means to be Serverless-first, what works well, what doesn’t, but...

Matthew Wilson
3 April 2023

EC2 Charges - They are NAT a joke

How to reduce your AWS costs by avoiding unnecessary NAT Gateway usage

Emma Moinat
15 September 2022

How to pause a Step Function while waiting on a response from a third party API

In this post we explore how you can pause a Step Function, using Task Tokens, while waiting on an external process to be completed

Caleb Wilson
3 August 2022

AppSync and DynamoDB Lessons Learned

AppSync and DynamoDB - can you name a more iconic duo!? In this post I'll cover 4 lessons from using AppSync and DynamoDB to help build a Serverless insurance platform.

Matthew Wilson
30 June 2022

Lambda Container Images

Ever wish you could combine the portability of containers, with the scalability of Lambda functions? Well now you can!

Matthew Wilson
5 March 2021

Serverless BASH! Q&A With Chase Douglas

Missed the keynote Q&A session from Serverless Bash? We've put together a summary below:

Zarah Akilagun-Thompson
1 July 2020

Thinking of the days, those serverless days you gave me

There’s something very special about a single-day, single-track, single-topic conference in your home city that offers a day of learning, a pint afterwards and home in time for the kids'...

Ryan Adams
30 January 2020

Using Native Dependencies with AWS Lambda

How to use native dependencies with AWS Lambda and Functions as a Service

Eoin Mullan
7 August 2017