Sign up for the first 2021 Kotlin Belfast User Group meetup

The first KBUG kicks off on the 20th Jan with three excellent talks on Multiplatform Mobile, Functional Coding and Arrow.

  • 20th January 2021 (1pm GMT)
  • Online

The Kotlin Belfast User Group is a meetup dedicated to all things Kotlin, for developers at all levels. This meetup explores the language and the Kotlin ecosystem.

The first 2021 event kicks off next week 20th Jan at 1pm GMT. Hear from three great speakers, Ekaterina Petrova, Katie Levy and Shelby Cohen.

It's time for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile!

Ekaterina has been in IT for ten years having held the roles of Engineering Manager, CTO and now a developer advocate for Kotlin. Her talk will look at a typical mobile application development process, how to use KMM features to share code between platforms, different obstacles you might meet on your KMM journey and an overview of experiences of a variety of teams who already use KMM in their production apps.

Kotlin and FP: The Best of both Worlds

Katie is currently a Software Engineer at Amazon fashion and Shelby a Software Engineer at Twitter. Both Kotlin advocates will discuss the use of Functional Programming to simplify your code and how Kotlin provides a natural transition to using Functional Programming paradigms. They will go on to look at what defines Functional Programming paradigms, how to use FP more in your Kotlin code and some basic examples. They will conclude with more complex data structures from Arrow.


You can register directly for this event via the Kotlin Belfast Meetup page. Also subscribe to the Instil YouTube channel to watch our meetup playlists.