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Writing a Custom ESLint Rule in TypeScript

Have you ever found a small (yet annoying), recurring issue in your PR reviews that is super formulaic and could probably be removed by a linter, but the issue is...

Rhys O'Kane
12 March 2024

How to pause a Step Function while waiting on a response from a third party API

In this post we explore how you can pause a Step Function, using Task Tokens, while waiting on an external process to be completed

Caleb Wilson
3 August 2022

How to use React Hooks with Redux

In this post we explore using React Hooks with Redux.

Kieran Magee
26 July 2022

TypeScript 4.4 - Be on your guard

In this post, in celebration of the release of TypeScript 4.4, I explore Type Unions in TypeScript and how the language uses Type Guards and Control Flow Analysis to automatically...

Eamonn Boyle
27 August 2021

TypeScript 4.3 - I object your honour!

In celebration of TypeScript 4.3 I take a look TypeScript's Object Oriented features and look at the new features this release brings.

Eamonn Boyle
26 May 2021

Using TypeScript const assertions for fun and profit

How can we utilise the const assertion in TypeScript to flip the script and define types from immutable data?

Ross Jenkins
29 April 2021

Crazy, Powerful TypeScript Tuple Types

In celebration of TypeScript 4.2 and the language's continued evolution, let's take a look at tuple types and some advanced type manipulations we can do with them.

Eamonn Boyle
23 March 2021

React Tutorial - Build a Weather App from Scratch - Part 2

In part II of this tutorial we continue the step-by-step guide for creating a weather app using React and TypeScript.

Eamonn Boyle
25 February 2021

React Tutorial - Build a Weather App from Scratch - Part 1

In this tutorial I'll take you step-by-step through creating a weather app using React and TypeScript.

Eamonn Boyle
23 February 2021

TypeScript + React Hooks: Part 3

In this 3rd article in our series on using React Hooks with TypeScript, we will show how to enhance 'primitive' hooks into more complex functions, and highlight some of the...

Neil Armstrong
11 December 2020

TypeScript + React Hooks: Part 2

In this follow-up to our introductory article to using React Hooks with TypeScript, we’ll continue to discuss how leveraging types & type safety can make life easier when writing components...

Ross Jenkins
23 November 2020

Crazy, Powerful TypeScript 4.1 Features

In this article I'll take a look at some new features in TypeScript 4.1 - namely Template Literal Types, Key Remapping and Recursive Conditional Types. At the end I'll show...

Eamonn Boyle
19 November 2020

TypeScript + React Hooks: Part 1 - The Basics

In this post, we delve into using TypeScript with React Hooks to develop in the front-end. Continuing our series of posts on the practical applications of TypeScript, and introducing another...

Ross Jenkins
9 November 2020

TypeScript Testing Tips - Mocking Functions with Jest

In this, the second of a series of posts on practical applications of TypeScript, we continue on the topic of testing by looking at how three lines of TypeScript magic...

Eoin Mullan
28 October 2020

React + TypeScript + Redux Toolkit - Safety and Simplicity

In this article I'll explain how Redux Toolkit simplifies building Redux based apps and combines beautifully with React and TypeScript for an all-round great stack.

Eamonn Boyle
22 October 2020

TypeScript Testing Tips - Creating Dummies

This is the first post in a series on using TypeScript in practical applications. It shows a simple TypeScript pattern for building type-safe, unit test dummies. The focus is on...

Eoin Mullan
21 October 2020