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Writing a Custom ESLint Rule in TypeScript

Have you ever found a small (yet annoying), recurring issue in your PR reviews that is super formulaic and could probably be removed by a linter, but the issue is...

Rhys O'Kane
12 March 2024

Signs and portents for 2024

It's an end-of-year tradition here at Instil that the Head of Learning assumes a Janus-like pose and looks forward to the new year by reviewing the one that's drawing to...

Ryan Adams
4 January 2024

Harnessing the power of incremental static regeneration in Next.js

Take your web development game to the NEXT level! Get the best of both worlds by combining the performance of a static page with the real-time updates of a dynamic...

Freya Adgey
8 December 2023

Key takeaways from The State Of DevOps Report 2023

The DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) research program has had a significant impact on the software industry over the last decade. It is the longest-running research program of its kind...

Chris van Es
5 December 2023

Little Miss Bossy

Bossy or just a boss? How 'bossy' women are just leading the way, and why our choice of words matter.

Áine McCaughey
30 November 2023

6 steps to becoming an AWS Solutions Architect

Looking to become an AWS Solutions Architect Associate? Follow these 6 simple steps and you will be well on your way to passing the exam.

Tom Bailey
26 October 2023

Where to start with Generative AI?

With the rise of managed services in the Artificial Intelligence space offered by the main cloud providers, is it possible to short-circuit the complexities of learning Artificial Intelligence by just...

Iain Cameron
18 October 2023

Scrum - reassessing the agile metaphor

There is a term used by agile teams on an almost daily basis, a metaphor, that many who use it have little or no knowledge of its source - the...

Andrew Paul
13 October 2023

The Powerlifting Principal (III): building confidence from within

From Setback to Success: How Overcoming Injury Made Me a Better Engineer

Hannah McKee
12 June 2023

The Powerlifting Principal (II): In the thick of it

How injury can lead to some of your greatest engineering breakthroughs.

Hannah McKee
7 June 2023

The Powerlifting Principal (I): the start of something great...

There are principals and then there are principles. I am the former and I just so happen to love the sport of powerlifting. And this is a story of how...

Hannah McKee
10 May 2023

Spreadsheets Anonymous: how to kick the habit and reclaim your life

It's been over forty years since Apple first introduced the world to the digital spreadsheet. In that time they have become central to how many businesses run their operations and...

Tara Simpson
15 March 2023

Signs and portents for 2022

In this post, Head of Learning Garth Gilmour, will make predictions for the tech industry in 2022

Garth Gilmour
14 December 2021

A Post Pandemic Scorecard

A checklist for judging if your team is adapting to and benefitting from remote working

Garth Gilmour
21 October 2021

Principled Autonomy

High performance teams consistently outperform other teams by a significant factor. But why is this - what is the secret sauce that allows one group of individuals to outshine another?

Eamonn Boyle
30 August 2021

How we podcast

After 15 episodes here's how we podcast and what tools we like. Enjoy a deep dive into our process.

Ryan Adams
19 April 2021

OODA Considered Harmful

Thoughts on why the OODA loop as applied to agile delivery is flawed or should even be considered harmful.

Garth Gilmour
5 February 2021

Introducing Weeknotes, a podcast

Instil have started a weekly podcast about all things tech and other interesting stuff.

Ryan Adams
4 February 2021

The Truth of the 10X Developer

If you thought the 10X Developer concept was just a myth, think again. In this article Garth Gilmour convinces you otherwise

Garth Gilmour
13 January 2021

The Perils of Advocacy

Developer advocacy is an extremely rewarding job but is it all sunshine and meadows or is there a darker flip side to this role?

Garth Gilmour
4 January 2021

The Rise of the Developer Advocate

Thoughts on the move away from consultancy towards developer empowerment through advocacy and mentoring.

Garth Gilmour
21 December 2020

Signs and portents for 2021

Each December, our Head of Learning reflects on emerging trends, and makes some foolish predictions for the year to come. Read on to see that the future holds...

Garth Gilmour
1 December 2020

TypeScript Testing Tips - Creating Dummies

This is the first post in a series on using TypeScript in practical applications. It shows a simple TypeScript pattern for building type-safe, unit test dummies. The focus is on...

Eoin Mullan
21 October 2020

GOTO Oslo - talks now available to watch

GOTO Oslo took place as a virtual event due to COVID-19 on 3rd March this year. Head of Learning, Garth Gilmour, and fellow trainer, Eamonn Boyle, delivered two presentations, both...

Zarah Akilagun-Thompson
5 June 2020

The Debt We Owe Java

On its 25th birthday, it's probably time we said a word of thanks to Java, for no matter what you think of it, your work today as a software engineer...

Garth Gilmour
23 May 2020

The Delusions Of Developers

Lessons from the Dot-com Bust we need to relearn

Garth Gilmour
10 May 2020

A Kotlin DSL for Everyone

Typically, we use Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) in configuration scenarios (think Gradle). But we can also use them internally to make our applications easier to understand.

Ryan Adams
23 January 2020

Using Koin for Dependency Injection

Koin provides a modern DI framework which supports Kotlin idioms and is usable across conventional, mobile and Cloud based applications.

Garth Gilmour
29 November 2019

Don’t ThreeTen-d that Dates are easy with legacy Android

Why date and time is so difficult with older Android versions and the best approach to solve this

Jordan Colgan
20 November 2019

One Principle To Rule Them All?

The SOLID principles of software design provide guidelines on how we can make our code more readable, maintainable and extensible. They are universally accepted maxims that all engineers should...

Tara Simpson
12 September 2019

Does Readability Have a Cost?

In software, there is a constant tension between sufficiency - the need to say something in as few words as possible - and readability - the need to make things...

Tara Simpson
5 September 2019

Programming in English

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (or a flavour thereof) are often touted as cornerstone subjects for a career in software development. For people outside the industry, computing is often seen...

Tara Simpson
4 December 2018

Community Matters

Community is a vital part of a successful software ecosystem, but what are the secrets to creating a successful meetup? In this post, we will explain how, through a...

Tara Simpson
27 November 2018

Kotlin Everywhere

Considering Kotlin? Here is why we made the switch from Java and why your developers will want to do the same.

Garth Gilmour
4 September 2018

Chaos and Order

A look at how ideas of order and chaos apply to software development

Eoin Mullan
12 March 2018

Why Android Development Is Better With Kotlin

5 Reasons Why Android development is better using Kotlin

Chris van Es
3 January 2018

Avoiding Defensive Checks

Defending against malicious use is a first order concern in all software. Any software that can be used or invoked by an external party or user (such as an...

Tara Simpson
19 October 2017

Denial is Not a Defence

Security expert Simon Whittaker discusses the impact of a recent ICO fine and the upcoming GDPR on web application security

Simon Whittaker
13 October 2017

Surging Forward

How we are revolutionising video and RTP/RTSP streaming on mobile devices

Niall Kelly
25 September 2017

Daily Standup

Standing desks may be trendy but are they good for you?

Niall Kelly
1 September 2017

Bad Form (in Xamarin)

You might be tempted to use Xamarin Forms but most of the time, you shouldn't

Niall Kelly
3 July 2017

The Phantom Type Menace

Fourth article in a series of posts introducing Functional Programming concepts. In this post we introduce Phantom Types

Garth Gilmour
2 July 2017

Monads For The Masses

The third in a series of three, introducing Functional Programming concepts.

Garth Gilmour
25 June 2017

Curry On Regardless

The second in a series of posts introducing Functional Programming concepts. This post looks at the closely related concepts of Currying and Partial Application

Garth Gilmour
14 June 2017

Over-Thunking It

With the increasing adoption of functional programming there are strange terms slowly moving their way from academic obscurity to mainstream software engineering. Thanks mainly to the React and Redux frameworks,...

Garth Gilmour
9 June 2017

Jack Nicholson Channels Programming Languages

Tongue and cheek look at how Jack Nicholson channels programming languages

Garth Gilmour
31 May 2017

Music Driven Development

If you're looking for a new way to drive your software development, then look no further. Tests, Behaviours, Models and Types have had their day and modern developers are now...

Eoin Mullan
2 May 2017

The Planning Fallacy (and How it Messes With Your Ability to Estimate)

How the psychological phenomenon of planning fallacy can bias your estimations in software

Tara Simpson
10 April 2017

Leaders don't give orders

How leading agile software teams is not about one person giving orders

Garth Gilmour
1 July 2016

Fear in Tech

Fear and imposter syndrome are common in the software industry. Where does this fear come from and what is to be done about it

Garth Gilmour
6 May 2016

A Fresh Start with Ansible

A guide to using Ansible to automatically setup your OSX development environment

David McFarland
26 April 2016

Test Setup as a Sanity Check on your Design

The importance of listening to your tests as a sanity check on your design

Richard Bell
15 April 2016

SIMD in Depth - Performance and Cost in C# and C++

SIMD in Depth - Performance and Cost in C# and C++ (Part 2 of 2)

Eoin Mullan
7 April 2016

Parallelism on a Single Core - SIMD with C#

An introduction to SIMD and parallelism on a Single Core - SIMD with C# (Part 1 of 2)

Eoin Mullan
21 March 2016

Working With Constraints

Strengthening our creative practice through a fresh perspective on our own limitations and those imposed by others

Niall Kelly
2 March 2016

Exploring Session Based Testing

An introduction to session-based testing, a refinement to exploratory testing

Neil Boyd
7 January 2016

Xamarin: A Panacea for Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

Xamarin - a panacea for cross-platform mobile development?

Matt McComb
10 December 2015

Reading the Tea Leaves

Reading the tea leaves - predicting what's in store for 2016 and beyond

Garth Gilmour
27 November 2015

The 3 Instil Check-in Commandments

3 essential things to check before you commit and push your changes to version control

Richard Bell
3 April 2015

RxJava in Different Flavours of Java

Quick introduction to using RxJava in Java 7 and Java 8

Richard Bell
5 August 2014

Java Shark Jump Redux

Opinion piece on why Java 8's attempt to jump the shark is just that

Garth Gilmour
6 June 2014

Java Jumps the Shark

Java 8 attempts to 'jump the shark' with the introduction of streams, lambdas and 'FP'

Garth Gilmour
4 June 2014

Those That Can't

Opinion piece on the skills required to teach and do in software

Garth Gilmour
30 May 2014

Simplicity Rules

Why is simplicity such an elusive quality in many developers code

Tara Simpson
26 August 2012